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A new approach to prescription refill management 

With safe and efficient inbox management,

we help patients get medications faster

and reduce workload for clinicians

With the right support,
Great things happen.

Patients can get their medication refills sooner.  

Physicians and nurses can focus on patient care. 

Patients can be safe and satisfied. 

Clinicians can have time and energy to enjoy life outside of work.

At Inboxed, we understand the challenges that physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals face managing prescription refills. It can be a time consuming and tedious task for clinicians, and delays can lead to patients waiting too long for their medication, resulting in patient harm and dissatisfaction.

That’s why we created Inboxed, a clinician-founded platform to streamline the process.  Inboxed is designed to help healthcare organizations and providers manage prescription refills with ease.

Our goal is to reduce clinician workload and improve patient safety and satisfaction.

We make it easy for healthcare providers to quickly and safely refill prescriptions and ensure that patients receive their medications in a timely manner.

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How it works

Prescription refill requests are immediately processed as they come in to the inbox with seamless EHR integration

Official Integrated Partner with  NextGen

Patent-pending clinically validated technology analyzes request based on individual patient need

No more generic protocols and time consuming chart review

Instant recommendation for refill response generated within EHR for efficient review and response by team


Enables team to focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks!

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